We're a new company with huge plans!

Choones has one main aim: Change how music owners & DJs store, play, reference and manage their music.

Inspired by the frustrations DJ softwares & Music Libraries cause when migrating music files, Choones wants to help music owners & DJs manage & play their music across all the market leading softwares effortlessly.

Marcus & his team have over 20 years experience in building apps and working with software solutions.

With a dynamic, young team we are incredibly excited about the potential Choones has worldwide and can't wait to see just how far it can go in changing how music is managed.

The Team


Mr Choones! DJ, developer, entrepreneur and Choones creator.


Platform boss, development delegator and deadline smasher.


Ops guy & team leader. Mr efficient.


Fastest support agent in the west. Clients & code are her speciality.


Engagements the game, Darby's the name. Social Specialist.


Fixes everything, breaks nothing. Can code blindfolded.


Eats, sleeps and drinks code. Development machine.

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