Got An Idea For Choones?

17th September

Here at Choones we are huge believers in listening to our audience. We have specifically designed a support section within our website that allows you to post your idea, check out whats next for Choones and get involved with f ...
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Choones: Where It All Began...

15th September

The Idea: Marcus Green, the founder of Choones, had a huge passion for music ever since he could remember and wanted to start mixing and creating his own. As he began learning to DJ, like many DJs, he was very quick to realise ...
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How Choones Can Fit Into Your Workflow

12th September

So, you’ve been scrolling through your feed and you’ve spotted a little App that is claiming to save you all the hassle of moving your music and managing your music library for free. Yes. Choones.We get it. You’re a DJ, you’ve g ...
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Importing and Exporting iTunes XML into Virtual DJ

3rd September

So you are a brand new disc jockey fresh on the scene and have started mixing with Virtual DJ. If you’re like many DJs and have all your tracks stored up in iTunes, then Virtual DJ has an awesome feature that allows you to impor ...
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Importing and Exporting Rekordbox XML

30th August

We get it, all you want to do is unleash your creativity on the mixer without having to worry about how you are going to get your carefully curated tracks in and out of Rekordbox…Dont panic! XML is not as daunting as it sounds, ...
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Importing and Exporting iTunes XML Into Serato

26th August

For most DJs, iTunes has been the essential software of their music library collections, so being able to transfer playlists from iTunes into Serato DJ is a must for the majority of DJs out there.Good news. Importing and exporti ...
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What Are ID3 Tags in MP3s for my DJ Music Library?

23rd August

What are ID3 Tags? Let's go back to the basics. If you are an aspiring DJ, ID3 tags will be essential to your overall set up as they allow info such as title, artist, track number, album or any other info that is key to that MP3 ...
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A Brief History Of Serato

20th August

Serato has become a household name within the world of DJing. Founded in New Zealand by Steve West and releasing their first product in 1999, Serato has played a huge role in the success of so many big name DJs and development o ...
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Why is Moving Between DJ Software Difficult?

19th August

If you have done your research into the world of digital DJ mixing software, you will surely have been overwhelmed by the extensive range of program available in the market today. With the abundance of mixing software easily acc ...
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A Brief History of Virtual DJ

16th August

Virtual DJ is the world’s most popular DJ mixing software, receiving over 150,000,000 downloads worldwide. Its ability to innovate and predict trends across the DJ industry before the majority of other software platforms has con ...
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