What is XML in DJ Softwares?

Posted on 6th August 2019

XML is an abbreviation of Extensible Markup Language; a file format used to exchange data across systems using different applications.

In terms of the DJ world, XML is very useful for storing and processing cue points, beatgrids, and loops that you have saved within your music library. A DJ software that supports XML import/export is beneficial because it will allow you to transfer your saved features within tracks across different mixing platforms. This means that you can save all of your favourite cue points and meticulously placed loops in an XML format and export them to other programmes with XML capabilities. XML essentially allows you to transfer this data in a more practical and efficient manner, and store the data in such a way that only the most relevant information is stored, making it easier to call upon.
This is not a quintessential attribute for all DJs, as not all artists will feel the need to be regularly transferring their cue points and other features across various software platforms, but it could be useful to the travelling DJ who will be operating on many mixing softwares and changing their setup across different sessions and performances. So if you are a DJ hoping to use a multitude of mixing softwares and would like to export your cue points, loops, and beatgrids to avoid losing them, here is a list of the popular programmes that support XML import/export:

From the above list, Rekordbox and Traktor DJ were designed to collect and export XML files, whilst Serato and Virtual DJ developed these capabilities into their software later on. So if you are working frequently with XML across different software, exporting and importing between Traktor and Rekordbox would be a good, reliable place to start. In order to save and export music libraries and other collections in XML format, you will need to use the XML extension.

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