The Complete List of DJ Mixing Software 2019

Posted on 8th August 2019

The world of Electronic music and DJing is bigger than ever before, with 2019 bringing us a multitude of advanced DJ software.

It is important to be comfortable with the software that you use and to understand how it works, from basic features to the hidden intricacies of the software, as this can make or break a performance and bring a unique flavour to your set. With the plethora of software available today it can be daunting to decide which one is right for you; so here is a complete list of DJ Mixing software 2019:

Algoriddim djay

Here’s one for the Apple iOS users. Algoriddim djay is the number one DJ app for iOS, having won multiple Apple Design Awards over the years. It is available as a free download via the Apple store and also for Android and Windows, but this software is mainly geared towards Apple users. The free app provides all that you need to start DJing, and you can use your Spotify Premium account to gain instant access to millions of tracks through the app. Should you enjoy the djay software and want to take it further, djay pro is available for Mac users as a professional software with Spotify and iTunes integration. The app provides a range of fundamental DJ mixing tools, including looping, sync, 4-channel control and remix capabilities. A key player for Apple users.

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Cross DJ

Cross DJ is a nifty software with plenty of advanced features that make it a key contender for your choice of DJ software. It provides a powerful BPM detection algorithm to find the BPM of your tracks and sync them. It also provides essential key detection and matching to create smooth harmonic mixes.

In terms of music collection, cross DJ has some handy features including the ability to retrieve iTunes playlists as well as import hotcues, loops and playlists from Rekordbox, Traktor and Virtual DJ. You can easily recall what you have played in previous sets using the history section, meaning you’ll never lose that fiery mix of yours and can emulate previous performances. Cross DJ provides integration and mapping with over 80 natively supported hardware controllers (the full list is available through their website) and is available to download across all major platforms including iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.

Finally, Cross DJ provides Ableton Link integration, allowing you to jump in to a live jam and have access to a range of remix capabilities. This is certainly an underdog software with many unique and essential features to get your mixes on point.

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Deckadance 2

Here we have a lesser known but fully capable mixing software with the provided potential of live performance. Deckadance 2 allows for 2 or 4 channel mixing and can support VST compliant effects and softsynths for creating live melodic musical performances. It provides you with all the necessary features to start DJing from the start, including BPM and key detection, EQ coloured waveforms, integrated hardware mapping, recording capabilities, an effects generator, and iTunes library integration.

Whilst it may not be the most mind-blowing software out there, it provides everything a DJ needs to start performing, and at £30 for the complete software package, it’s one of the cheaper mixing software’s available.

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DEX 3 is different from other software on the market, and perhaps more suited to the commercial events and party DJs out there as it expands beyond standard mixing capabilities. DEX 3 is an all-in-one software package that allows you to mix music, videos, and host karaoke with its built in features.

In terms of mixing features alone, DEX 3 offers no-latency playback and compatibility with a wide range of popular DJ controllers. It also allows you to create and sync mixes from your own music and video library as well as iTunes playlists and SoundCloud Go+ streaming. It has a built in effects and sample player, allows for up to 4-channel mixing, can be used to display on-screen text and video, and can record a music or video mix session. You also get Shader Support from provided with DEX 3 which allows you to generate dynamic beat-aware on-screen visuals which will give your performance that extra bit of flare.

All in all, DEX 3 is a great piece of software that allows you to do more than just a regular DJ gig. It is user-friendly and ideal for those with multiple performance interests.

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DJ Player Pro

What makes this software unique is that it does not use any third-party parts in the development of its software, this means that every single component of the software is designed and tweaked in-house. What’s more, it is free to download through the Apple store for all iOS devices (sorry android users!).

DJ Player Pro offers some very competitive features relative to other software. It has high-end responsiveness and one of the lowest latencies, with professionals recognising that DJ Player Pro is tighter than software’s like Serato DJ in some cases. Furthermore, DJ Player Pro has unique audio decoders designed for maximum transparency, giving you an advanced sound quality relative to other mixing software.

Overall, DJ Player Pro has made some great advances in the mixing software market and continues to raise the bar with its performance capabilities. Being a free to download software with many progressive features, this is definitely one to consider for Apple users.

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Magix Digital DJ

Magix Digital DJ software is for those who want to start mixing on their Mac or PC but do not yet own a controller. The software provides all the basic tools you need to start mixing, including use of a cross-fader, looping, EQ capabilities, effects control, and integration with iTunes libraries and playlists.

Magix Digital DJ may not be the most advanced software going, but it is free to download and will provide you with the basic tools you need to start mixing. This software is perfect for new DJs who want to play around with some digital mixing before they invest in a hardware DJ controller. We all have to start somewhere, and Magix Digital DJ could be the right starting point for you.

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Mixxx is a free and open source DJ software for Windows, Mac and Linux, making it a viable option for new DJs who aren’t ready to break the bank. It comes with a range of standard features essential for mixing, such as BPM and key detection, looping, and sync mode to keep your tracks in time whilst performing. It comes with effective DJ controller support ad mapping, so you can use Mixxx alongside any DJ hardware, as well as a range of effects from reverb and HFP to delay and tremolo, giving you everything you need to start playing around with your tracks.

Mixxx is the only free timecode vinyl software out there, meaning you can have vinyl control to manipulate tracks using real turntables as a controller. In short, it simulates the sound and feel of your digital music collection on vinyl. Great for DJs who want to bring some old-school flavour to their sets.

For a free software, Mixx ticks many boxes and should not be overlooked amongst other mixing platforms.

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Rekordbox DJ is the software used by pros. With many renowned artists endorsing the use of Rekordbox software, it has earned its position as commonplace across the DJ scene.

Owned by Pioneer DJ, Rekordbox has a number of unique features that make it a professional grade software. Rekordbox syncs across all types of major players, meaning you can easily export tracks to DJ controllers by inserting a USB or SD card into any PC or Mac equipped with the Rekordbox software, this is particularly useful for DJ’s on the go who are accustomed to using the equipment provided by venues. Track analytics are slick and simple with smooth track loading, browse scrolling, and streamlined signal processing which analyses melodic patterns within tracks so you can always find an appropriate beat to get the feet moving.

Furthermore, Rekordbox offers a number of expansion packs to inject some life into your DJ sets. You may not be headlining stages and conducting your own light show just yet, but with the available lighting mode that automatically syncs lighting effects with your show, you could be well on your way to a mesmerising performance. Additional expansion packs include Rekordbox DVS, which provides low-latency scratch control for some old-school vinyl kicks, Rekordbox Lyric to access a database of millions of song lyrics that will get the crowd singing, and RMX FX for access to plenty of hands on effects to spice up your sets.

Being a widely recognised software with many unique features, Rekordbox DJ should certainly be considered as your go-to mixing software.

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When discussing distinguished DJ platforms, Serato is something of an industry standard and holds its position as the most popular software globally, spanning across multiple genres of music. With pioneer being the most common brand of DJ controllers, Serato has become commonplace through its provision with the purchase of any pioneer decks. It has earned a reputation as being a reliable software supporting over 90 pieces of hardware used across the DJ scene, making it the software centrepiece for artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and Hudson Mohawke.

With Serato DJ Pro, you can get immediate access to the newest tracks posted on SoundCloud and TIDAL, streaming them in high quality 256kbps or 320kbps so you can bring the freshest tunes posted by your favourite artists to your performances. Similar to Rekordbox, a number of expansion packs are available for purchase through Serato, including Serato Flip to create and save custom edits of tracks, and Serato DVS for added control of CD and Vinyl hardware.

Serato is perfect for DJs new to the scene, as there is an abundance of online video tutorials provided by Serato to get you playing in no time. The support available is also top end, with rapid responses to any queries 7 days a week. So whether you are a seasoned veteran or a DJ virgin, Serato is a reliable choice in any case.

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Traktor DJ

Created by Native Instruments, Traktor DJ software and controllers are gaining increasing popularity in the market.

Traktor DJ 2 is free to download, meaning you can dive into DJing and start building your set in no time, with SoundCloud Go+ giving you instant access to millions of tracks and Traktor song recommendations advising you on which song to play next to keep the crowd moving. The sync mode is perfect for keeping your tracks in time, allowing you jump around using hotcues without the risk of losing your rhythm, ideal for new DJs who haven’t quite mastered their beat-matching yet. Once the software has been mastered you can upgrade to Traktor Pro for access to a range of extended features and effects. Traktor DJ 2 is also available as an iPad app meaning you can practice on-the-go with just your tablet and some headphones.

Native Instruments are key providers of music production hardware, launching products such as Komplete Control MIDI keyboards and the Maschine range. This could make Traktor DJ an ideal software for producers, as it provides a sense of familiarity from your home studio and can be integrated with any Native Instruments hardware. This software has certainly proved itself to be a major player in the mixing scene.

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Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is consistently hailed as one of the most innovative DJ software’s available, launching new ideas and features before they appear in alternative mixing platforms. With over 100,000,000 downloads worldwide over the last 20 years, Virtual DJ has become the most popular starting software for DJs.

The software is free for non-professional use and its intuitive nature makes it a perfect choice for new DJs as it is easy to use from the offset. The extensive range of features available within the software allows you to broaden your horizons and progress towards an advanced level of DJ mixing skills in no time. Virtual DJ is fully operational even without a hardware controller, providing you with every necessary feature to stimulate your inner DJ; including track info, loops, effects, hotcues, performance pads, sync mode, quantised cues and jog wheels.

This software is powerful, intuitive, and highly adaptable to any style of DJ performance with integration and mapping across the majority of hardware controllers. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned disc-jockey, Virtual DJ has everything you need for a killer performance.

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You DJ

You DJ is another mobile DJ app available to download from the Apple store for all iOS devices, but fear not, a version compatible with Android is currently in the workings. You DJ is compatible with a range of MIDI controllers and offers all the basic features required to get you mixing in no time. Notable features include integration with SoundCloud and YouTube, effects generation, looping and EQ adjusting.

You DJ is free to download but in order to access more advanced features a small upgrading fee is required. This is a fun, entry level DJ software for those looking to play around with the idea of DJing without investing in advanced software and equipment.

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If you're looking to back up your music to the cloud, move playlists between DJ Software or want the freedom to manage your entire library on your mobile, sign up to MIXO for free here.

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