How are my Serato Cue Points stored in an MP3

Posted on 10th August 2019

As a user of Serato DJ software, you may be wondering how exactly the programme manages to successfully store your cue points and other key features.

Storing the cue points within the software renders the need to frantically skip through tracks in an attempt to find the perfect cue obsolete, saving you from copious amounts of hassle and the need for a blind panic as you are mixing your tracks during a performance.

So how are Serato cue points stored in an MP3?

The cue points are saved within the metadata of the MP3 tracks. In other words, they are saved as data within the ID3 tags.

So in order to seamlessly transfer your tracks with their cue points from one PC to another, both operating Serato DJ, you need to ensure that you have saved and copied your playlists after you have made any adjustments to your cue points.

For example, if you were to save your MP3 tracks from Serato onto a hard drive, and then make adjustments to the cue points on those tracks within the software, the new cue points would not be saved to the MP3 tracks on the hard drive - they would only exist on the versions in the software.

It may sound like an obvious statement, but many DJs make the mistake of editing their tracks after they have saved their playlists, and therefore lose their most recent cues.

Serato’s ability to save cue points within the ID3 tags of MP3 tracks is also very useful to those venturing into the world of DJing with a friend.

It allows you to save your own cue points onto an MP3 file and then send the track to another person who would be able to operate the track with the same cue points that you have been using (provided they are using Serato DJ).

A perfect feature for DJs who are group learning, preparing for back-to-back sets, or simply willing to share their cue point wisdom with other aspiring artists.

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