A Short History of Native Instrument's Traktor

Posted on 14th August 2019

Native Instruments was founded in 1996 in Berlin, a city renowned for its exhilarating electronic music scene. Since the beginning, Native Instruments have been industry heavyweights with trailblazing sonic innovation for software instruments. The company is behind some of the most powerful hardware, software, and digital services in the market today, boasting unrivalled platforms such as Komplete, Maschine, Reaktor and, of course, Traktor DJ.

The pioneering Traktor DJ software was released in 2001, revolutionising the industry of digital DJing across the globe. However, following its initial release, Traktor Studio proved to have more functionality than its DJ equivalent. This all changed over the succeeding years. 2002 saw the introduction of scratch capabilities, expanded looping and MIDI cuepoint integration. 2003 brought development of the time stretching function and added Open Sound Control (OSC) support as well as a step away from Traktor as purely software based towards a programme with endless performance capabilities. One of the most important developments in the history of Traktor DJ came about in 2004, when Native Instruments teamed up with Stanton Magnetics to release the first truly integrated hardware controller and DJ software, changing the performance landscape in the world of DJs once more.

From 2005, Traktor improved its integration with music libraries by developing vinyl emulation features, Beatport online store access from within the software and extended its controllers to be 4-channel mixers. By 2006, Native Instruments had built a phenomenal global reputation, subsequently announcing an end to their partnership with Stanton Magnetics and beginning to develop their own DJ hardware components under the Traktor name.

Continuing their innovation of hardware equipment and mixing software, Traktor had consolidated their position as a professional, high-quality, reliable software for DJs across the planet by 2018. They thoroughly impressed the industry once again with the announcement of Traktor Pro 3 in 2018, an entirely new version of Traktor that built on the already outstanding reputation and functionality of Traktor Pro 2 that was first released in 2011.

Today, Native Instruments Traktor remains one of the most highly endorsed brands in the DJ industry, with the Traktor DJ software being utilised by professionals and amateurs alike. Equipped with a history of developing world-leading music equipment and software for over 20 years, Traktor DJ has an exciting future ahead.

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