A Brief History of Virtual DJ

Posted on 16th August 2019

Virtual DJ is the world’s most popular DJ mixing software, receiving over 150,000,000 downloads worldwide. Its ability to innovate and predict trends across the DJ industry before the majority of other software platforms has continued to impress an ever-expanding audience across the globe, making it one of the most important mixing software programmes on the market today.

Founded by businessman and software developer Stephane Clavel, Virtual DJ is the product of Atomix Productions which began releasing its software under the name AtomixMP3 back in September 2000. Atomix was free to download and allowed you to burn tracks from CD and Vinyl to be mixed on your computer using the software. It was only in July 2003 that the software began publishing under the name Virtual DJ.

Atomix Productions itself formed in 1996 as a small French start-up company. They began developing code for DJ technology that was ground-breaking at the time, creating algorithms for beatmatching, looping and cuepoints. Over the following years the inventive Virtual DJ software caught the attention of major companies responsible for manufacturing DJ hardware, and Virtual DJ soon became compatible with myriad DJ controllers produced by Pioneer, Numark, Vestax, Gemini and more.

Over the years, Virtual DJ became a household name within the digital DJ market, being endorsed by major artists such as Carl Cox. Virtual DJ soon established their philosophy as a company dedicated to bringing DJing to the masses, making it as easy and as intuitive as possible for anybody to start mixing. Virtual DJ began receiving criticism in their early stages of development for tarnishing the hard work of lifelong DJs who had learned how to perform from hours spent fiddling with turntables and practicing how to beatmatch immaculately to the millisecond. Suddenly, Virtual DJ had made it possible for a new DJ to learn years-worth of mixing skills in a matter of days. Nonetheless, the controversial software capabilities released by Virtual DJ consistently became the industry norm within a matter of years, confirming their deserved reputability in the market.

Today, the Virtual DJ software is frequented by 6 million people across the planet every day, and Stephane Cavel continues to divide his time between coding and business, serving as the beating heart behind Virtual DJ.

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