Importing and Exporting iTunes XML Into Serato

Posted on 26th August 2019

For most DJs, iTunes has been the essential software of their music library collections, so being able to transfer playlists from iTunes into Serato DJ is a must for the majority of DJs out there.

Good news. Importing and exporting playlists is pretty simple, we’ve come up with a few easy steps to get your Serato crates built and ready for your next set in no time.

1) Open up Serato and make sure the iTunes library option is ticked:
    Settings > Library + Display > Show iTunes Library

2) Go back to the main screen, click onto library and you should be able to see all your iTunes playlists.

3) Create crates that match the same titles of your iTunes playlists. Then simply select all tracks within the iTunes playlists and drag and drop them into your new crate of the same name.

4) Once all of your tracks are in crates and ready to be mixed, you can uncheck the ‘Show iTunes Library’ box that you ticked in step 1 leaving you with organised playlists and a structured workflow.

5) If you want a constant flow of tracks coming in from iTunes then leave the ‘show iTunes Library’ box ticked and just drag and drop any tracks coming in to your chosen crates.

Once you have imported all your tracks you will be able to keep your Serato library up-to-date and ensure all of your newest tracks are ready to use in Serato DJ.

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