Importing and Exporting Rekordbox XML

Posted on 30th August 2019

We get it, all you want to do is unleash your creativity on the mixer without having to worry about how you are going to get your carefully curated tracks in and out of Rekordbox…

Dont panic! XML is not as daunting as it sounds, its a neat little file format that will store and process all of your cue points, beat grids and loops, so we’ve come up with a quick guide on how to move these over to a different installation of the software - whether it be a friend or a back-up laptop of your own.   

1)   Firstly, you will need to export your music library to XML. Click through to File > Export Collection in XML format.

2) To import the beatgrids and cue points of a tracks into your collection, open Rekorbox and select File > Preferences > Advanced > Database. Then select Browse for the imported XML library and open your saved XML file.

3) Next choose Preferences > View and ensure you ticked the Rekordbox XML box in the languages section.

4) You should see Rekordbox XML appear in the browser window. Highlight the track(s) you want to import and then right click, selecting Import to Collection

You will now successfully have imported your beatgrids and cue points from one installation of Rekordbox to another, and hopefully see that XML is our friend!

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