Importing and Exporting iTunes XML into Virtual DJ

Posted on 3rd September 2019

So you are a brand new disc jockey fresh on the scene and have started mixing with Virtual DJ. If you’re like many DJs and have all your tracks stored up in iTunes, then Virtual DJ has an awesome feature that allows you to import your iTunes playlists, meaning you can seamlessly mix without the worry of having YOUR music here, there and everywhere.

Here’s a quick guide on how it works...

1) Open up iTunes and tick ‘share iTunes XML with other applications’ through:
Preferences > Advanced Preferences > Share iTunes Library XML with other applications  

2) Open up Virtual DJ and click through to:
Options > Settings > iTunes Database File
and enter the path of your iTunes library under the final option above.

3) Every time you launch Virtual DJ, it will automatically read and display all of your iTunes playlists within the software.

4) If you have made any changes to your iTunes playlists, simply right click the iTunes folder within the Virtual DJ folder list and reload the playlist to ensure all changes are active.  

5) If you would like to keep some of the iTunes settings on the tracks (such as track ratings) just right click the desired track and choose ‘Import iTunes Ratings’.

Once you’ve got all your tracks across, you will be able to read and analyse iTunes tracks within Virtual DJ using XML. Happy mixing!

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