Choones: Where It All Began...

Posted on 15th September 2019

The Idea:

Marcus Green, the founder of Choones, had a huge passion for music ever since he could remember and wanted to start mixing and creating his own. As he began learning to DJ, like many DJs, he was very quick to realise that moving music from one device or software to another was near enough impossible!

As a developer, Marcus put his brain to work to try and find a solution that is going to make his Djing life easier and then the idea of Choones was born. As Mac OS Catalina was removing iTunes, the original idea was to be a music library replacement where DJs can export and import files to and from their DJ software, but as you can see on the whiteboard, we then realised that Choones had the potential to do so much more.

What Can Choones Do?

The more Marcus began Djing the more problems he discovered and he was determined to find a solution. We began to develop a software sync with 14 of the most common DJ softwares so we would be able to provide an app that would help the majority of DJs out there. After a lot of research, we found one of the biggest problems a DJ faces is backing up their music, so we specifically designed a cloud sync feature that will sync all music from whatever device straight to the cloud without having to lug around hard-drives and USBs.

We then developed one of the smartest features (in our opinion anyway), the feature that allows DJs to sync, create, edit and play cue points from any device. We created this with all DJs in mind, whether you’re touring the world, on your morning commute or in a warehouse rave with no wifi, any DJ will be able to edit their cue points in their tracks on any device wherever they are.

Choones to MIXO

After months of developing the look and features of Choones, We decided that we wanted to rebrand our app to look more slicker and more suitable for the DJ industry and thats when MIXO came into the picture. After spending hours on end trying to find the perfect name that is going to match our brand values and stand for who we are, the name MIXO was perfect for us. We then began rebranding all of our assets ready for the beta version of our app to be released.

Helping The Community

Choones is an app that has been created with pure intentions to help the Djing community. Our aim is to make a DJs workflow simpler so that they can focus on unleashing their creativity with music. We have been developing the app for months to ensure that we have stuck by our word and have created an app that is going to help all kinds of DJs.

If you're looking to back up your music to the cloud, move playlists between DJ Software or want the freedom to manage your entire library on your mobile, sign up to MIXO for free here.

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