Got An Idea For Choones?

Posted on 17th September 2019

Here at Choones we are huge believers in listening to our audience. We have specifically designed a support section within our website that allows you to post your idea, check out whats next for Choones and get involved with forum discussions.

Post Your Idea

Got an idea for Choones? If you’ve come across Choones scrolling through your feed and had a buzzing idea for where we should head next, we want to hear it! Our Ideas page is for any registered user of Choones to post their idea, whether its a change that needs to be made or a small add on you think will help your workflow, we are open to hearing everybody’s feedback and ideas.


Other users will be able to vote if they like your idea too. The Ideas page will allow all users to vote on any idea they wish, this feature gives us an indication on whether we should put this idea in our plan. If your idea has gotten a load of votes and we love your idea too we will pop it into our roadmap.


We have designed the roadmap for all of our users to get an idea of where Choones is heading next and whats to come for the app. If you have added an idea, you will be able to see it progress from ‘Idea’ > ‘planned’ > ‘in progress’ > ‘completed’. Its a great way for everyone to see all the other ideas we are working on and any new features we have added.

Want to see the real thing? Head over to our ideas page

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