Why Moving Your Music To The Cloud Is A Must

Posted on 25th September 2019

You’ve probably heard the word ‘cloud’ floating about and are wondering why it seems to be the buzz word of the DJ industry right? Let us enlighten you…

Backing Up Your Library

 We cannot stress enough how important it is to create backups of your music collection. If you’ve collected thousands of mixes, tracks, music videos or karaoke files, meticulously curated them to ensure ID tags are clean and updated and only have them saved on one laptop or PC then you’ve got some serious backing up to do. The last thing you want to do is start over which could potentially mean game over.

Most DJs tend to use USB’s or hard drives which are great little gadgets, but if you got thousands of songs, then they can become a little pricey and aren’t necessarily going to save your music in the event of a fire or a flood. This is why we strongly believe that being prepared and having your backups in place is a must for all DJs!

The Power Of The Cloud

Even if you have your music synced up to 2 or 3 hard drives at a time, syncing your DJ library to the cloud gives your music that extra safety blanket and peace of mind that if your hard drives do decide to take a dive one day, you know you can jump onto any device and access your music straight away. And this is where the beauty of Choones comes in. Cloud Sync.

Cloud Sync is one of our proudest features which we believe will benefit so many of you. Choones  integrates with both Google Drive & Dropbox to enable your playlist to be automatically synced to the cloud along with all your ID tags, cue points and loops. Not only will Choones automatically upload, it will mirror your current library format and save it to a Choones database which is then referenced whenever music is played and edited on the Choones App.

If you are working on a track in Choones and make changes, Choones will sync those changes with all other devices or offer the option to ignore the changes meaning that every track synced to the cloud will always be the latest version you have created.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool that enables users to create and store in the cloud. All you will need to do is simply sign up or sign into your Google Drive account and Choones will automatically upload your music library to your cloud.
  • Free 15GB (1,500 Songs)
  • £1.59 100GB (20,000 Songs)
  • £7.99 2TB (400,000 Songs)


Dropbox works in the same way as Google Drive does. Dropbox makes it easy to access and transfer important files to new devices. Choones is also integrated with Dropbox, you will need to sign in to your account in order for Choones to connect and sync.
  • Free 2GB (200 Songs)
  • £7.99 2TB (400,00 Songs)

If you're looking to back up your music to the cloud, move playlists between DJ Software or want the freedom to manage your entire library on your mobile, sign up to MIXO for free here.

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