Best Record Pools To Use In 2019

Posted on 27th September 2019

If you’re a newbie to DJing then you’ll be quick to learn that Record Pools will become an essential part of your music preparation. Investing in a record pool subscription is a great step to keeping your collection updated, current and allows you to access the hottest new tracks each week.

Stuck on which one to go for? Don’t panic, we've done our research and pulled together a selection of the some of the best Record Pools in 2019.

DJ CITY - £60/3mo


DJ City is arguably one of the most popular Record Pools out there, known for their some of their biggest features such s ‘Hot Box’ and ‘Top Downloads’ which allows you to see which tracks are working well for DJs globally DJ City has one of the best in-house production teams which create a lot of exclusive edits for users, and usually head hunt up-and-coming talent to create remixes to upload to the software.

  • Great Layout
  • Daily releases of hottest tracks
  • A wide variety of genres and recent mixes
  • Run by a large team of DJs
  • Monthly Top 50 chart
  • Mobile app included in subscription

Digital DJ Pool - $20/mo (five day free trial) 

Although one of the cheapest record pools out there, Digital DJ Pool does not lack in quality. Known for its clean interface, its library of music is updated regularly with a wide selection of club edits, redrums and DJ tools. The ‘try before you buy’ $1 - five day free trial is a huge pro for a lot of users as it allows you to explore the software without going straight into a contract.

* Affordable Price
* Clean interface for ease of browsing
* 5 day trial offer for $1
* Full song streaming from main page
* Variety of music genres
* Great selection of mixes

iDJPool - $50/mo

Founded in 1985, iDJPool has become one of the most well-known record pools out there. Although its a little more pricey than the other softwares, it sets itself apart from the others due to its extensive range of music genres. Common music genres like Hip-Hop or dance music dominate most Record Pool sites but iDJPool have a much deeper selection of country and rock music.

* Wide Variety of genres and song selection
* Multiple methods of downloading tracks (FTP download and classic web browser download)
* Site alternatives for DJs with specific needs (UrbanDJPool or CountryDJPool)
* Minimal layout – less confusion
* A great selection of mash-ups

My MP3 Pool - $19.99/mo


With a great looking software and a great price, My MP3 Pool is a tough one to knock off the top. This record pool offers a whole range of features including downloadable videos for the VJs, custom 8-bar intros to add your unique spin on a track and a pre-labeled key value feature for those who mix in key.

* Great site layout
* genre specific charts and newer genres like Trap, Twerk, Rythmic etc.
* Mobile app with queuing feature
* custom intro and outro tracks
* Discounted plans for longer subscriptions

BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme is another killer piece of software that has a huge majority of DJs on board. One of the Record Pool’s main feature is that all users are granted access to both video and audio files, making it the perfect option for anyone who wants to do Vjing. Like DJ City, BPM Supreme also have an extremely well-built team of in-house producers who create the exclusive ‘BPM Supreme Edits’ of tracks.
  • Video files are provided as standard
  • Exclusive edits
  • Access to huge catalogue of tracks


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