Where Can I Learn To DJ?

Posted on 8th October 2019

Learning to DJ can be such an exciting time for any aspiring musician but understanding the software and hardware can be such a difficult hurdle to get over. Don’t let it put you off. If you got not one to ask for advice or just want to conquer this solo then we’ve compiled a list of some great educational resources we recommend for learning to DJ so you can save your time for getting creative.

Scratch DJ Academy

Founded back in 2002, Scratch DJ Academy is the worlds leading DJ and music production learning centre. From introductory courses, advanced courses and 1-2-1 sessions, the Academy is a great way to learn and get networking with other aspiring DJs.

School of Scratch

School of Scratch is an awesome online school with each video lesson being taught by scratch legend DJ Short-E. Its great for beginners to get feedback on their progress and network with other DJs.


Crossfader is another great option for learning to DJ. They provide a variety of courses aimed at individual controllers and courses for Serato DJ. You can get involved in the online courses and even go along to face-to-face workshops in Leeds. 

Beat Refinery

The Beat Refinery host beginner classes all over the US with industry professionals. If you don’t live in the states then check out their awesome youtube channel for some handy tips and guidance on all things DJing.

Serato Tutorials

If you are newbie to DJing and Serato is your chosen software then Serato have all the info you need to know on how to operate their software in short informative clips on their YouTube channel and support centre. 

Beat Drop


Beat Drop offers both music production and DJ programmes. The DJ programme includes different semesters learning everything about music production from the scratch basics to live performance. The classes can be done online or in person at their amazing Calgary classrooms.


DJ Angelo


DJ Angelo is a complete master of the turntables and a great DJ teacher. All of his videos are structured in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. A great resource for beginners.

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