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Posted on 2nd August 2019

Here at Choones we strongly believe that streaming services will never replace the 'old fashioned' preference that consumers want to download, buy and store their own music.

Millions of consumers, from professional DJs to music lovers store, customise and manage their own music every day but are restricted by the software they use, their migration options & the storage choices.

Migrating music between major DJ Software's is at best close to impossible and for those hoping for a perfect migration, think again! Tracks get changed, playlists lost and Meta Data (Cue Points/Beat Grids) deleted!

Our founder, Marcus Green came across this problem when first falling in love with DJ'ing and decided there must be a better way.

Choones has developed from an easy to use music library replacement for iTunes into a full Music Sync app service that lets you, the music owner, take YOUR music, anywhere and migrate across libraries and DJ softwares effortlessly!

Choones allows you to:

- Take your music with you wherever you go
- Upload all your music to the cloud
- Sync your music offline & play anywhere
- Display your customised beat grids & cue points
- Migrate to and from DJ Softwares effortlessly
- Store and manage your music in the Choones library

For DJ's, Choones makes moving music from one software service to another incredibly easy and for Music lovers, you can now sync your music from the cloud and play songs offline and on the go.

We have huge plans for Choones, from Car Play, Smart Watch players to Smart Speaker integrations.

We're incredibly excited about the chance to change how music is stored, played and managed and can't wait to see where this journey takes us.

Sign up to Choones here.


If you're looking to back up your music to the cloud, move playlists between DJ Software or want the freedom to manage your entire library on your mobile, sign up to MIXO for free here.

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