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A Short History of Algoriddim DJay Pro

15th August

Algoriddim Djay Pro has become one of the most downloaded beginner mixing softwares for Apple Mac users today (also available on Windows). It has gained a stunning reputation for ease of use and the intuitiveness, making it an i ...
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A Short History of Native Instrument's Traktor

14th August

Native Instruments was founded in 1996 in Berlin, a city renowned for its exhilarating electronic music scene. Since the beginning, Native Instruments have been industry heavyweights with trailblazing sonic innovation for softwa ...
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A Short History of Pioneer DJ's Rekordbox

13th August

When discussing digital DJ mixing software, Rekordbox seems to be a software frequented by the pros. With many high-tech and advanced features that place it at the premium end of mixing platforms, Pioneer’s Rekordbox software ha ...
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Music File Formats: What are they and how do they differ?

12th August

As a DJ or music producer, music file formats will soon become something that - like it or not – you should know plenty about. A solid grounding in how music file formats can be used and how they differ is imperative for DJs and ...
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The Problem with Streaming for DJs

11th August

With the profusion of music streaming services available today, it is an exciting time to be a DJ as new mixing softwares are starting to include streaming capabilities that can be used for performances. This has many benefits t ...
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How are my Serato Cue Points stored in an MP3

10th August

As a user of Serato DJ software, you may be wondering how exactly the programme manages to successfully store your cue points and other key features.Storing the cue points within the software renders the need to frantically skip ...
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How to move Cue Points between DJ Software

9th August

Having the right cue points lined up on your tracks is crucial to ensure seamless transitions between songs during a performance. Cue points can be used to easily locate specific moments within a track that you can call upon whe ...
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The Complete List of DJ Mixing Software 2019

8th August

The world of Electronic music and DJing is bigger than ever before, with 2019 bringing us a multitude of advanced DJ software.It is important to be comfortable with the software that you use and to understand how it works, from ...
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Where DJs download music in 2019

7th August

If you’re a DJ, then you’re most likely on the lookout for more music. Whether you need a shedload of tracks to start mixing with, want to stay up to speed with the latest music crazes or are trying to fill the gaps in your comp ...
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What is XML in DJ Softwares?

6th August

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. XML is an abbreviation of Extensible Markup Language; a file format used to exchange data across systems using different applications.In terms of the DJ world, XML ...
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