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Posted on 7th August 2019

If you’re a DJ, then you’re most likely on the lookout for more music. Whether you need a shedload of tracks to start mixing with, want to stay up to speed with the latest music crazes or are trying to fill the gaps in your compilation, check out our recommendations for all the music downloading sources you’ll ever need.

1. Record Pools

If you don’t want to purchase every single record you may need to play out, then a record pool is just the thing. Most DJs use record pools, as they usually offer a constantly updated archive of music covering tons of genres.

You pay a subscription each month which enables you to access your library much more cheaply than it would if you bought tracks individually. With more singles, remixes, bootlegs and custom edits than you can shake a vinyl at, it makes sense to have a fuss-free service to help you find the records you need at a price that won’t break the bank. Right?

2. Beat Junkies

Beat Junkies offers a treasure trove of old and new songs, with all tracks edited and ready to DJ with. It’s a goldmine for soul, funk, disco, hip-hop and R&B plus a whole host of scratch tools and battle breaks.

You can get your mitts on all manner of decades as well as a variety of genres, all searchable by BPM, too. It costs $35 a month, but you can save 15% if you pay the $360 for the year.

3. Club Killers

As the name suggests, this platform is heavily influenced by the club genre, offering a gigantic selection of electronic dance music. Even better, this pool has a vast video library, custom-curated playlists, not to mention a panel of editors to keep your collection super fresh.

Club Killers is overloaded with exclusive remixes, bootlegs and DJ-friendly edits, all put together by their crew of expert touring DJs.

4. iDJPool

If you’re looking for a well-stocked DJ download pool with masses of tracks across a range of genres, then iDJPool ticks all the boxes.

Great for wedding DJs and club DJs, this pool offers a colossal amount of music and is perhaps one of the few sites that features Christian, gospel and jazz categories. You simply select all the files you want then download in batches with the zip feature.

5. DJCity

This record pool provides DJs with the freshest, newest club and radio music in full-quality 320kbps MP3 format. The tracks are hand-picked by DJ pros – it’s an awesome platform for staying in the know about what’s hot in the world of music.

You gain access to monthly charts of the most downloaded songs and trending tracks. Sure, it leans more towards American hip-hop, but you’ll be able to log on to DJCity UK for all the latest UK house, garage and grime.

For $30 per month, you get unlimited downloads, with each MP3 including pre-filled metadata for the artist, track title and BPM. What’s more, it also comes with standardised cue points and beatgrids, which you can use effortlessly with your chosen DJ software.

In a nutshell, it’s a great record pool for professional DJs needing the most up-to-date chart and club hits for their gigs.

6. Digital Music Pool

If you’re into the more conventional EDM bangers, Digital Music Pool has a cracking selection. It covers loads of the Top40 lists, too, and its availability of a cappellas is magnificent.

DMP provides a brilliant selection of hip hop and tech house, here and there – it’s full of hidden gems. The tracks are displayed in an easy-to-navigate layout and each upload has speedy download links for each available, downloadable edition of the track. The BPM and Key info are also shown.

7. Direct Music Service

Whether you want re-drummed oldies for weddings or edits of the latest club hits, DMS provides an amazing assortment of DJ-friendly tracks. The site is colour coded by genre which makes uploading your crates of particular music styles an absolute breeze.

8. Late Night Record Pool

Well stocked with more than 10,000 tracks, Late Night Record Pool is a fab choice for mobile and wedding DJs. If you need to be armed with all the hottest chart hits, look no further than this record pool. You won’t be disappointed with the pool’s EDM, rap and hip-hop catalogue featuring all the DJ edits.

Although Late night Record Pool is lacking in the disco and house department. Priced at $47 per month, you’d probably expect a more rounded record pool. It’s worth noting that this is for unlimited 320 kbps MP3 downloads, though.

9. Promo Only

This record pool is an awesome source for the hottest hits of all genres, complete with audio and video options. It doesn’t include any oldies, though.

You’ll also discover Christian, country and Latin music in Promo Only. As for VJs, they’ll be delighted with the amount of HD video up for grabs. And you can rest assured that all downloads are fully licensed, high quality and yours to keep eternally.

10. BPM Supreme

Easy to use and incredibly well stocked, BPM Supreme is perfect for DJs seeking chart and open format music. At just $19.99 a month, you get unlimited downloads plus music video downloads. Its catalogue spans across a wide range of genres and musical eras, making it ideal for wedding/party/club/video DJs.

Although, what would make browsing and digging around simpler would be the inclusion of artist links on the site. Another small con is if you need more underground tracks, you won’t benefit as much from this platform, as it’s aimed more at Top40 chart DJs.

BPM Supreme is great for all the mobile or wedding DJs out there who are looking for a record pool. It’d also be useful for newbie DJs who often struggle to find a single source to download their music from.

11. My MP3 Pool Online

At only $19.95 a month, this pool gives you a lot of bang for your buck. You get downloadable videos together with all the other typical content you’d expect from a top-notch record pool.

But this pool’s main standout feature is having its own custom-made eight-bar intros. This is a subtle yet brilliant way to make sure your mixes stand out from the crowd.

As well as intros, MyMP3Pool keeps their site well balanced with all the popular genres, not forgetting a section devoted to throwbacks. As if that wasn’t enough, the majority of the tracks come pre-labelled with key value for DJs who mix in key.

12. Smash Vision

If you’re a video DJ, not a lot beats this record pool. It’s home to heaps of HD music videos and comes kitted out with all the tools you’ll ever need. Even better, all files are pre-analysed/tagged for Serato. Smash Vision is the ultimate pool for playing video sets.

13. Digital Media Stores

While buying music individually from stores isn’t the most economical of choices for bolstering your music collection, it’s perfect if you’re trying to find that one hidden treasure that you’re struggling to find on your current record pool.

14. Beatport

Beatport is king when it comes to buying music. Mostly used by DJs who lean towards electronic music, you can rummage right through every nook and cranny of Beatport to discover totally original cuts.

You can also get closely acquainted with a particular genre, thanks to the famous Beatport 100 charts.

15. Bleep

What you get here is a mammoth range of expertly hand-picked electronic music, ready for download.

16. Juno Download

If electronic music is your thing, you won’t be disappointed with Juno, as it boasts a humungous collection. It’s safe to say that if you struggle to find the perfect track using this platform, you’re pretty much guaranteed not to get it via other sites.

17. Traxsource

When it comes to underground dance music, this is where it’s at. Traxsource is frequently updated with tons of exclusives.

18. iTunes and Amazon

Whatever genre you’re after, you’ll find it on both databases – no questions asked. If you’re finding it really tough to hunt down a specific song, these sites should be your go-to starting points.

Not only are these platforms terrific for unearthing particular tracks, they’re also the ultimate places to discover fresh new music, as you’re presented with related suggestions.  That said, it’s worth noting that these stores aren’t targeting DJs specifically, so there’ll be hardly any extended or intro versions of tracks.

19. Boomkat

As stated on their site, Boomkat focuses on the most “innovative, exceptional, interesting and often overlooked music out there.” Their underground dance music isn’t to be sniffed at, and neither is their hip-hop, grime and everything else. And as for their reviews, they’re pretty damn good, too.

20. Free Music

Who doesn’t like free stuff? While most DJ music is bought and downloaded through the likes of Beatport, there are still several spots where you can download music for free, guilt-free.

21. Soundcloud

Even though Soundcloud has had some bad rep recently, it remains a popular option among DJs for finding and downloading free tracks.

You can follow what music your favourite artist is listening to, uncover new producers, download a whole gamut of music that can’t be found anywhere else… at no cost whatsoever.


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