Apple is DELETING your iTunes!

In the next few weeks Apple will release their latest Operating System - 'Catalina'.

Catalina DOES NOT come with iTunes and although it will automatically migrate your existing iTunes library over to their new, streaming focused 'Music' app, it won't support XML Sync.

XML sync is a setting which allows iTunes to work with DJ Software's like Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ, Rekordbox etc. seamlessly!

It's OK though. We saw this coming and it's a huge reason we're pushing our Choones Beta service out in October.

Choones will easily replace iTunes for DJs as it'll sync not only with the above DJ software, but also carry over all the beat grids & cue points your music contains.

Here's a video of our Managing Director Marcus Green explaining this situation in a little more detail:

Apple are not warning users that iTunes will be removed, so we're trying to get the word out to DJs everywhere before Catalina becomes available.

Download Choones and migrate your music away from iTunes before Apple deletes it in their next OS update.

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