Music Library

Choones will help you easily manage your playlists, tracks & ratings and easily sync to whichever DJ Software you use.

Choones will support all major music file types and include cuepoints, beatgrids and waveforms when viewing your tracks on desktop, tablet or mobiles.

With iTunes removing their XML sync this year, Choones can take over as your music library and give you sync options to and from other DJ Software that iTunes never could.

Choones v1

  • Create new playlists
  • Add tracks to a new playlist
  • Move tracks from one playlist to another
  • Reorder tracks
  • Remove playlists
  • View and edit all the track meta data
  • Supports mp3, wav, flac, aac, alac, aif, aiff, m4a, m4b, wma, ogg9.

Choones v2

  • Comprehensive tagging
  • Searching
  • Smart searches
  • Music library management features
  • Beatgrid editing and adjustments
  • Cuepoint colours import, export, add & edit
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