Choones plays YOUR music anywhere with offline mode

Cloud Music Player

Choones allows DJs and music lovers to stream their own music on the go whilst actively syncing their tracks across their desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Choones automatically uploads music to one of either:

 - Dropbox
 - Google Drive

The cloud accounts are yours. Choones does not host or store your music directly.

Choones simply references your music in the cloud so songs can be played through the app and on the go.

Offline Mode

With your music in the cloud, Choones has the ability to download songs, albums & entire playlists to the app so you can listen to and manage your music when there is no internet connection.

Choones Cloud Storage

Choones integrates with both Google Drive & Dropbox so simply sign up or sign in to your account with them and Choones will automatically upload your music library to your cloud.

- Free 15GB (1,500 Songs)
- £1.59 100GB (20,000 songs)
- £7.99 2TB (400,000 songs)

See plans on Google's site

- Free 2GB (200 songs)
- £7.99 2TB (400,000 songs)

See plans on Dropbox's site

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