"Alexa, play my mash up playlist on Choones"

Your Music. Anywhere.

Use Choones in your kitchen as you cook, in the car on your way to work or put it in charge of your playlists at parties.

Simply set Choones up on your Sonos System, Google Home or Alexa Apps and have your music available to you throughout your home!

"Google, play Sigala for me on Choones"

We want you to be able to use YOUR music in the same way consumers use Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music in their every day lives. Only difference, it's yours!

All of these integrations will be included in the Choones 2.0 release which is planned for early 2020.

Download Choones and see how it allows you to keep your music with you wherever you go, without needing your hard drives with you!

Play Choones on your Sonos home entertainment system

Play YOUR music in the car in Offline Mode wherever you go

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