DJ Software Sync

Syncing between different DJ software can be incredibly difficult as there is no industry-standard import/export process.

Rekordbox & iTunes use XML, Traktor exports in NML and Serato uses Crates.

Many DJs aren’t able to easily work with different DJ Software if they need to, or if they want to try out new features, due to the complexity that comes with moving a music library.

Track paths can move, playlists can be deleted and cuepoints/beatgrid data lost.

Choones helps DJs effortlessly sync their music between all the major DJ software so they can focus on the music they love, not fighting their computers!

Loving Your Work

DJs spend a lot of time preparing their tracks by adding cuepoints, loops, adjusting beatgrids, and adding ratings and tags.

At the moment it’s really hard to get all this hard work out of your DJ software and into your Music Library or different DJ software.

Choones is going to change all that.

Choones will act as your bridge between DJ software. It will allow you to move your music to and from different DJ software easily without losing your cuepoints, loops, beatgrids, ratings or other track data.

Choones v1:

  • Rekordbox XML
  • Traktor NML
  • iTunes XML
  • Serato Crate
  • Algoriddim Djay Pro CSV
  • Atomix VirtualDJ Pro XML
  • M3U(8) Playlists
  • Raw Music Files

Choones v2+:

  • Mixvibes CrossDJ
  • Mixxx
  • Magix Digital DJ 2
  • PCDJ Dex
  • DJ Player Pro
  • Image-Line Deckadance
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